Whitehouse Court, Bircotes, Doncaster, South Yorkshire DN11 8EF


Q                  How does my child become a member of the club?
A                   Send an email to 
bircotesswimclub@gmail.comexpressing your interest and our Club Secretary will get back to you.
Q                  Does my child need to trial for the club?
A                   Yes, trials are held during our Tuesday sessions. Please contact our Club's Secretary at
bircotesswimclub@gmail.com to arrange a trial.
Q                  How much will I have to pay?
A                   Membership is £41 per calendar year. This is payable by cash or cheque at the commencement with the club.  Training fees are £22 per 
month which includes 3 sessions per week and these are payable through your bank on the 1st of each month. 
Q                  Who do I make cheques payable to? 
A                   Cheques should be made payable to Bircotes Swimming Club.

Q                  What should my child wear when training?
A                   Girls should have one-piece swimming costumes and boys should have jammers (tight fitting shorts) preferably in club colours - Blue or Black. We request all swimmers wear a swim hat and they must take a water bottle to each session.  Swim hats for training can be non club colours but when representing the club at a gala, a club swim hat (available via the club shop) must be worn..

Q                  How do I get the club hat?
A                  Club hats can be purchased through the club for the cost of £7. There are also club t-shirts, bags & hoodies available. Please complete the order form on the Club Shop page. 

Q                  Can my child take part in galas?
A                  Yes, we encourage everyone to take part in competitions.   Some competitions are more appropriate than others for certain swimmers therefore if you are unsure please see one of the coaches or our Events Coordinator Tamsin.

Q                  Will my child get rewards whilst swimming at the club?
A                  Yes, we hold time trials every 3 months where your child can obtain a time in all the four competitive strokes.   Following the time trial every swimmer receives a certificate and if your child has achieved a personal best they will receive an individual ribbon for that event.  The club also has target times and if your child achieves one of those they will receive a medal.  For further information on what times they need to achieve to gain a medal please see the Club's Handbook. Our SEA Horses section receive Level 1 - 3 certificate.

Q                  How do I know if my child is progressing?
A                  The times they obtain at a time trial or competition are a good indicator of their progress.   Also, twice a year parents will receive reports for their child which shows their time trial results, start and turn times and how they have progressed.   Please don't hesitate to speak to the Head Coach and the coaching team for information.

Q                  How much should my child train?
A                  It depends on age and ability and gender.   Children working towards Stage 8-10 we recommend they train for at least 3 hours a week.  Those children selected to swim for Nottinghamshire will train 5+ hours a week.  If unsure, please see the team coach.  Also look at Long Term Athlete Development on the internet for further advice.  results, start and turn times and how they have progressed.   Please don't hesitate to speak to the Head Coach and the coaching team for information.

Q                  How are children selected for galas?
A                  All swimmers are welcome to take part in competitions subject to the individual meet/gala criteria. Please speak to Head Coach for advice if unsure.

Q                  When will my child move up to the next training lane?
A                  Children are placed in a lane based on their ability to swim the number of lengths, speed, technical ability for that lane and/or age.

Q                  How is the best way to contact a coach or other official of the club?
A                  The easiest way is to send an e mail to
bircotesswimclub@gmail.comand a relevant Club member will reply to your query.  Alternatively, you can speak to the coaches at the end of the training session.

Q.                 What should my child eat or drink before training/gala?
A.                 IDEALLY, they shouldn’t eat within an hour of training. They should have eaten as close to this time as possible in order to give them the required energy they will need for the training/gala. They should have a drink before training and also bring a bottle of water to training/gala to be consumed at regular intervals. When attending GALAS, they will need light healthy snacks to take onto the poolside.

Q.                 Will my child receive certificates, medals and trophies for their achievements?
A.                 Following a time trial your child will receive a certificate. If they meet the required time they will be presented with a medal or if they achieve a Personal Best time they will receive a Ribbon. When they represent the CLUB, they may receive a medal/trophy depending upon their achievements and the gala.

Q.                What can my child do away from swimming to improve their performance?
A.                Physical activity out of the pool is very important.   Activities that stretch your muscles, strengthen your core and work on stamina will help a lot.  Swimmers should complete stretches prior to training/galas. Further information will be published on the website shortly.

Q.               Where can I have found out more about swimming rules, training etc.
A.               Visit 
www.swimming.org website.   This is a comprehensive resource about all levels of swimming.

Q.               How do I know what progress my child is making?
A.               Time trials are a good indication about their progress.  Target times are provided for you in the handbook.     In December and JUNE, you will receive a written report on your child’s progress for that year along with how to improve further.   Please feel free to speak to the Head Coach if you have any concerns.​ 



  • LTAD                  Long Term Athlete Development
  • ASA                     Amateur Swimming Association
  • Stage 8-10         The ASA’s competitive awards
  • Time Trial           Children will be timed over a set distance in order for the club, parents and the child to understand progression
  • Gala                    A competitive race event
  • Open Meet        This is a competitive race event and is open to all swimmers that come under the level of the meet